The Heart of the Future

I recently realized that I should be kind and compassionate with myself and my inner demons. I know, crazy, right? It feels so natural to show compassion for other people’s challenges – our friends, family (sometimes, haha), our children, other people’s children, the people or animals we serve, the homeless man on the corner, refugees suffering around the world, a family ripped apart by the border fear created – but never for ourselves. Imagine a good friend telling the story of your current struggles as if it were their own. You would listen, empathize, and your heart would go out to them. You would offer help and kindness. Now turn that same feeling of intense compassion to the litany of negative messaeges you give yourself every day about these same struggles or perceived failures. We deserve to give ourselves compassion in response to the inner critic and change the storyline to one of love and understanding. We are all worthy of unconditional love, kindness, and compassion. Give yourself some today! My inner goddess is totally on it. Crazy epiphany… but it’s the Heart of the Future. Let it Bloom fullsizeoutput_237c

Finding our Niche & Cultivating our Tribe! Let’s grow together 🌸🌼🌺

Just Bloom’s first batch of handcrafted jewelry will be at Alisa’s yoga studio tomorrow morning. For those of you counting- yes, this is a couple days late. 😊But all the better for the wait. That’s 3 extra days of loving attention. Here’s the finished jewelry tree followed by a closer look at the individual pieces hanging from it. Prices range from a super reasonable $5 to $28 for a complete set. Stop by NaranTuda for one of these pieces or place your custom order at Etsy today. Keep in mind that Just Bloom’s work is just as organic and unique as you are. Every one different and exquistely beautiful snowflakes. Visit our Facebook page for the latest designs and ideas. We’re looking forward to blooming with you! 🌸

Oops. I forgot to put the cranes back on!

With design names like Golden Elephants,  🐘 Autumn Winds, 🍂 and Red, White & Om 🕉 – how can you not take one home?

Sneak Peek! : Twist & Twirl” earrings are made of swirling, twirling, fire-stoked copper with or without the 2.5mm gemstones of your choice. 💎 Garnet, amethyst, peridot, carnelian, moonstone, citrine, and more. Coming soon to an Etsy store, yoga class, or even a pool 🎱 hall near you! Pricing from $25-35. Reach out and we can create the perfect set together!

Tree of Cranes


This week, in addition to this awesome creation-of-a-website adventure, I’m steadily putting together my Tree of Cranes-a metal jewelry tree filled with the my latest jewelry and as many paper cranes as space will allow. I’m hoping the installation will be in place at NaranTuda Yoga Studio at 5681 N. Swan Road by Sunday the 17th (if you look for the sign that says Karate you’ll be in the right place!). Swing by anytime for a personal look at some of my work and take your favorite piece home with you. Feel free to take part in one of the  yoga or pilates classes taught by the best instructor in Tucson. You can even schedule your next massage with my good friend, and the owner of NaranTuda, Alisa Decker. Here’s a sneak peak at the Tree of Cranes so far…



Endings are always beginnings

fullsizeoutput_1c50Vintage anklet (circa 1989) designer ~tricialottieann

This is officially my first blog ever. Yes. That’s right. Ever. And here I am thinking I’m right on time.

This summer, in my more mindful moments, I find myself examining resilience, perseverance, rising strong, connectedness, and finding a path up and out of sadness, loss, and grief. Yet, try as I might, I’m straddling the line between being mired in despair and spreading my wings to fly in a pattern that I didn’t even know existed. Truth be told, I’m actually tilting toward the mired in the mud side of my tightrope walk. And everywhere I turn, I see signs that tell me I’ve been down this road before. By all rights, I should, therefore, know the quick and easy way home to the light, to hope, and to a new beginning. But, my overgrown hippocampus is failing me and self-doubt’s a creepin’ in. Because while it is not the same path, it is so very similar that it’s difficult to see the nuances or notice any evolutionary changes whatsoever. And I wonder, “have I learned nothing in this lifetime?” How many times must I hit my head on this proverbial wall before I grok this lesson and get to move on? And what happened to the good ol’ “fake it ‘til ya make it” standby? Why can’t I just pull up my bootstraps, dust off my ass, and ride on? I’ve always liked the story ending where I triumphantly ride into the sunset laughing in the face of my vulnerability poised perfectly to meet the challenges the next sunrise will bring. Ah…the stories we tell ourselves.

Oddly enough, this all brings me to jewelry. I’ve been here before too. In 2006 I was making these awesome little bags with fun fabrics, zippers, and other embellishments. I had every intention of selling them and making a fortune. Then… Vera Bradley. How could she? But seriously, twenty years before that, I was handcrafting jewelry because I loved it. From friendship bracelets, to 9” seed bead woven diamond shaped and dangly earrings, to anklets with bells for the occasional Phish show. It wasn’t just some down in the dumps get rich quick scheme. Which is good, because if one takes a look at the handmade jewelry market it is a buyer’s world. There are so many gifted artisans creating incredible designs, that I can only hope some of you will find some of what I do lovely and help support my fascination with pretty baubles. I’m like a dragon over here, sorting and organizing my cache of lovely, fascinating jewels. But seriously, let’s start a conversation and connection with beads. Creating a safe workspace, cultivating our garden, nurturing our dreams, tending our spirits, and discovering the very best versions of ourselves we can find. I know that’s what I thought all those years ago with that very first “seed” bead earring. I was planting what I intended to harvest- a better, brighter, fuller world and me.

Just Bloom Jewelry is the synthesis of so much of what I’ve done throughout this lifetime. The beads, fabrics, shopping, running a business, accounting, hammering (don’t ask), marketing, building community, and safekeeping a vision for a business that creates a lighthouse for myself and those I love (that being all of you!) and driving the entire adventure straight from my heart without looking back. So that’s it, right where we’re planted. Just Bloom Jewelry ~ let’s grow together!